Supported in Postpartum: Stories of Rejuvenating Wisdom {eBook}


Supported in Postpartum: Stories of Rejuvenating Wisdom is 20+ stories that are normalizing postpartum and shedding light on one of the most misunderstood phases of a woman’s life. These stories share the REAL story of postpartum, the sacred transformation that brings feelings of grief, joy, love, and fear, in one overwhelming swoop. Learn how other women have supported their physical and emotional needs and healed their body deeply during this monumental period of becoming a mother.



Postpartum Book Excerpt:

He’s curled up beside me. Much like the ticking of a clock – the rhythmic passing of days and months, he’ll slowly wake. Unraveling and unfolding, he opens his sparkling brown eyes. He blinks. Then he smiles. A big toothless grin that nearly stops time in its tracks. A giggle deep within comes bubbling out of me. I smile too. Finally, I smile. Finally, I’m seeing the light.

In Supported in Postpartum: Stories of Rejuvenating Wisdom, mothers share their unyielding love and unmentionable struggles through postpartum including stories of postpartum depression, sleep deprivation, healing, and bonding with their baby. Their wisdom and passion, along with our Essential Postpartum Guide, will leave you feeling rejuvenated and wholly supported through the ventures of life after birth.