Supported in Birth: Stories of Empowering Wisdom {Paperback}


Supported in Birth: Stories of Empowering Wisdom is 28+ stories that are normalizing breastfeeding + shedding light on mother shaming, breastfeeding pitfalls, and revolutionizing our mother relationships to bring breastfeeding support to our communities!



Birth Book Excerpt:

I’ve done this before. I knew the powerful potential building inside her. Her heart beat faster. My breaths grew deeper. When her face disappeared into the soft sea of birth, I knew the sacred dance was in full swing. I remember: birth isn’t for the strong or brave or cunning. It’s for those who are supported. For those who feel safe in surrendering to motherhood.

In Supported in Birth: Stories of Empowering Wisdom, mothers share their colorful birth experiences involving healing, challenges, blessings, and the wild emotions in the moments of becoming a mother. Their wisdom and strength, along with our Essential Birthing Guide, will leave you feeling empowered and wholly supported in your passage through birth and into motherhood.