Postpartum Nutrition Coaching Program


The Postpartum Nutrition Plan PLUS covers the first 6 weeks of postpartum and includes:

  • 6 Week Meal Plan
  • Dairy and Gluten Free Recipes
  • Implementation Guide
  • Freezer Meal Instructions (so you can prep before baby comes!)
  • Supplementation Guide
  • Two coaching sessions with me (Maranda Bower), so that you can address your personal nutritional needs and concerns, as well as have the support to implement the plan for your body.

All of these recipes use ancient techniques applied to modern foods, that will:

  • Regulate your postpartum hormones so you experience less fluctuations
  • Support breastfeeding and healthy supply for your baby
  • Promote faster healing so you can get back to your best mama self sooner

Please note that you will receive access to your Postpartum Nutrition Plan immediately. Maranda Bower will contact you separately to schedule your personal consultations.