Blissful Mama Postpartum eCourse


A Rock-Solid System for Healing Your Postpartum Body, Mind, and Soul (in just 40 days)!

Have you experienced any feelings of postpartum anxiety or depression that you’re eager to address and eliminate, but you’re not sure how?

I have spent the past nine years researching, training, and developing a comprehensive system – one that’s proven to have incredible results – to turn postpartum into a time of transformation and rejuvenation.

Within the first few weeks of implementing my system, you’ll be feeling better than you did before pregnancy. Within a few months postpartum, you’ll have other women wondering what kind of magic pill you’ve swallowed…

You’ll  learn:

  • The true definition of the postpartum period, and how it affects you and your baby.
  • What to expect from those early postpartum days, and specific strategies to help you prepare for healing in the first 40 days and beyond.
  • The proper way to nourish and care for your postpartum body (in a way that promotes healing).
  • How to manage and understand the hormonal and emotional changes that occur during the postpartum period.
  • Ways to maximize sleep, tune into your mama instincts, and start breastfeeding off strongly.
  • And so much more!

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