The postpartum period is one of the most misunderstood times in a woman’s life. Often, it’s like a secret club that you don’t get invited to until you are already in the throes of it. And by then, it’s too late. You’re left commiserating rather than feeling fully present, prepared, and blissful in your postpartum. 

Being supported in postpartum is not just about having a community care for you. Although that’s a traditional practice that still holds value today, it’s not realistic to expect and often leaves a mother feeling powerless and like a failure for not being able to have a helpful family and friends cater to her needs.. 

And support in postpartum goes BEYOND community. It’s also about the way a mother chooses to fully prepare herself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

It’s time that we really dive into postpartum care. That we spend as much time preparing for this time as we do the birth of our baby.

It’s time we invest in the care of becoming a mother as we do in the act of mothering, when our baby receives more than everything they could ever need.

This isn’t just about making sure you have the right things. Or have prepped the right meals. Or that you have hired the perfect postpartum doula.

It’s also about the KNOWLEDGE is takes to understand how our own body works, what it needs to heal and grow. To fully grasp how you control your own hormones. To know how the brain works in postpartum. And how to be the best version of yourself through this transition without getting lost.

It’s also about finding your rhythm, your peace, your flow. It’s about carving time for you without guilt. And reconnecting with your partner at a deeper level than you had before because you recognize the beauty of what you created together. 



Motherhood is learned. And one of the most powerful ways in which we learn to care for our sweet babies in postpartum is through the voices and stories of other women. There is nothing more profoundly beautiful and real than aligning with who you truly are and understanding what is most necessary for your own personal journey. 

And that’s exactly what we’re doing here.


It’s finally HERE! The third book to complete the Supported In Motherhood Series is looking for your postpartum story.

Filled with your rejuvenating wisdom, we are gathering your REAL story of postpartum to be published in the last book: Supported in Postpartum: Stories of Rejuvenating Wisdom.

The current book series has been a number one for natural mamas for nearly two years with shipments and digital downloads around the world. This series sells in bookstores, Amazon, midwifery offices, pediatric clinics supporting natural birth and breastfeeding, chiropractic centers, and so much more.

And we’re excited to finally finish the series with your empowering wisdom on postpartum.


Here’s How it Goes:

Over the next month, we’ll be gathering your written stories. We’ll be selecting essays, poems, images, and compilations that you share with us, meant to depict the REAL postpartum through the eyes of REAL women. These stories can be about the trials, tribulations, beauty, rawness, love, and all the things in between. Selected stories will be from those that speak this truth, but are also written to inspire, transform, validate, and empower the readers to prepare, nourish, and care for their body and soul in postpartum and beyond. There’s no other qualifications!

Please note that BLISSFUL stories are welcome and encouraged, as well as the difficult stories. However, keep in mind ALL stories should lead to a great lesson. Extra note: breastfeeding is a part of many postpartum stories, however, the second book in our series is dedicated to this topic. Please don’t make your story evolve around breastfeeding.

Once we have a large amount of stories, there will be a period of time to go through and select the ones for the book. If yours is selected, you’ll be notified via email and updated with current publication information and happenings. Expected publication/release date: December 1st, 2019.



Want to know how to make the birth of your baby the best experience ever?

Want to know how to breastfeeding and wean naturally, at your baby’s request?

Today, there are thousands of programs, books, and how-to internet guides that promise to give you everything you need to take control of your birth and beyond.

But the knowledge of birth, breastfeeding, and postpartum are fundamental. All this extra technology, these theories and thoughts, are piled on top of the most elemental and basic science, diluting the truth to meaningless information.

In my postpartum book series, you’ll find all those extra layers, all that gunk, stripped away. What lies beneath are beautiful, heart-felt, deeply rooted truths. What remains is the ancient wisdom of birth and postpartum, the very core of a natural beginning.

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