There is power in sharing stories. When the story involves the birth of a mother, it becomes even more wholesome. Every week, I’ll be sharing an interview of a mama and her real postpartum stories. Sometimes these stories will be vibrant and uplifting. And sometimes, they’ll be heartbreaking and tearful. Most of the time, they’ll be both. That’s the beauty of postpartum.

Kaylaa, tell us a little bit about your postpartum experience.

My postpartum experience was really scary. My son and I had a Rh incompatibility so it was tough. My body was basically rejecting my child. I was 17 when I had him and my family though the best way to teach how to be a mother was take him from and let me live a normal teenage life. Wrong! They told other people I was mentally incompetent to care for him. I grew resentful towards my child and I tried to hurt him and myself. That’s when I knew I had hit rock bottom; I was already deemed “crazy so I didn’t want say anything. My postpartum lasted for almost a year and half. It kind of ran into my second pregnancy as I was depressed when I was pregnant with my daughter.


Do you think the birth experience of your baby influenced your postpartum in any way?

Yes I think the birth of my son influenced my postpartum, because it wasn’t what I expected.


What was the absolute best and absolute worst in those first few weeks postpartum?

The worst was not knowing how I was going to take care of a child. The best was that knowing he was alive and stable.


If you could give only one piece of postpartum advice to a new mama, what would it be?

One piece of advice I can give is speak to someone, write it down, step away. It’ll get better with time and patience