There is power in sharing stories. When the story involves the birth of a mother, it becomes even more wholesome. Every week, I’ll be sharing an interview of a mama and her real postpartum stories. Sometimes these stories will be vibrant and uplifting. And sometimes, they’ll be heartbreaking and tearful. Most of the time, they’ll be both. That’s the beauty of postpartum.


Janice, tell us a little bit about your postpartum experience.

After being released from the hospital, my husband and I fussed about with our baby’s car seat for 30 minutes just to make sure it was in right. Then we drove home really slowly! I breastfeed for the first month or so exclusively then did a combo breast and bottle. My husband worked out an amazing schedule with me; I slept from about 9pm until 2am (unless it was an emergency) and in that time my hubby was in charge. I was lucky my daughter was a good sleeper but some nights got a little crazy.


Do you think the birth experience of your baby influenced your postpartum in any way?

I think my birth experience and postpartum were more influenced by my mindset at the time. I mostly went along with what other people told me. I think without that influence, I would have enjoyed it more because I would have appreciated it rather than listening to everyone else just complain about how hard it was.


What was the absolute best and absolute worst in those first few weeks postpartum?

The best thing about the postpartum weeks was keeping a low profile and just relaxing and bonding with baby. The worst was not knowing what to do with myself and wondering if I was doing everything right.


If you could give only one piece of postpartum advice to a new mama, what would it be?

The one piece of advice I would have for a new mama is to really think about what you want for this very special limited time. How do you want to feel, what do you want to do or not do? Be intentional about it so you can enjoy it fully.


Janice Hoult, @healthypregnancymadesimple