Postpartum Prep for Little Siblings eCourse

Preparing Your Toddler/Preschooler for a New Baby Including a 65+ Guilt-Free Activity Guide to Keep Them Busy Postpartum

Because keeping your babies happy and healthy is important to you! And making postpartum easier is NECESSARY for your sanity.

💔Are you afraid that your child might feel left out or abandoned once the new baby comes?

💔Are you struggling with preparing your child for the arrival of their new sibling?

💔Are you wondering how in the world you’re going to keep them busy once baby arrives?

I’ve got you covered, mama! 

If you answered yes to any of those questions,

you are SO in the right spot!

I’m going to teach you exactly how to prepare your toddler or preschooler for the birth of your new baby, followed by technology-free and guilt-free activities.

These awesome activities will keep your little one busy for weeks while you rest and bond with your newest addition. All while making sure they still feel loved and included in this new experience.

As a successful preschool teacher for over 12 years I’ll also show you, I know a thing or two about entertaining tots!

Postpartum Prep for Little Siblings eCourse

Preparing Your Toddler/Preschooler for a New Baby Including a 65+ Guilt-Free Activity Guide to Keep Them Busy Postpartum

You’ll  learn:

  • Simple ways to include your child in the preparation of your new baby.

  • How to emotionally prepare them for the arrival of their sibling.

  • How to explain labor, birth, and breastfeeding in simple terms, along with resources and activities to help your little one understand the process of having a new baby.

  • 65+ activities to keep them happy once baby arrives!

  • Ways to encourage a sibling bond, and how to handle a child who’s disappointed.

  • How to curb meltdowns and regressions, while making sure they feel loved and cared for too.

  • And so much more!

In this eCourse, I’m giving you exactly what you need to have the most restful postpartum experience possible with multiple children. I’m also showing you how to truly prepare your child for the birth of their sibling, including how to teach empathy, and more.

Motherhood shouldn’t be difficult.

As a mama of three, I know it can be overwhelming, confusing, and even heartbreaking sometimes… but it doesn’t have to be this way, and with the right resources, it WON’T Be!



When you sign-up, you’re guaranteed:

🌟 Knowing that your child is completely prepared for the birth of your new baby and everything that comes along with postpartum.

🌟 Feeling a stronger connection with your child and having the tools to make them feel loved and cherished through this major life transition.

🌟 Feeling confident and ready to bond with your new baby and let your body heal, knowing that your child was fully engaged in learning, interactive, and creative play.

🌟 A more peaceful transition for the whole family. Because let’s face it, having your child prepared for this change will help you partner feel less stress too!



You will NEVER have to worry about your child feeling lonely or forgotten in this crucial family change.

Access the Postpartum Prep for Little Siblings eCourse NOW!

What’s included, you ask?

Course Curriculum:

Module 1: Welcome!

Module 2: Inner Workings

     Lesson 1: Toddler/Preschooler Brain

     Lesson 2: Sharing The News

Module 3: Preparing Your Child

     Lesson 1: Preparing Your Child

     Lesson 2: Including Your Child

     Lesson 3: What Not To Say

Module 4: Loving Feelings

     Lesson 1: When Baby Gets All The Attention

     Lesson 2: Big Feelings

     Lesson 3: Encouraging a Sibling Bond

Module 5: Postpartum Activities


You can feel RELIEF knowing that your child will be well prepared and even excited for the change instead of having to deal with emotional breakdowns and tantrums.

If your child does experience the occasional meltdown, the creative activities in my guide will help you to redirect them in a positive way!

You can FINALLY be assured that you will be able to get the rest you need, while your toddler or preschooler remains busy learning and engaging in creative play.

Maranda Bower is a Postpartum Bliss Coach who’s supporting mamas in experiencing deep authentic healing, while preventing postpartum depression and anxiety.

As an author and speaker, she’s worked with hundreds of mothers, awakening them into the joyful and fulfilling Sacred Window that is postpartum.

She lives on her beautiful homestead in Alaska with her husband and 4 children.