Postpartum Nutrition is Destroying Your Hormones.

Do you know that the“common sense” approach to eating in postpartum is actually ruining your body?

(and often hurts your baby as a result.)

It’s no wonder why the rates of postpartum depression and anxiety are at epidemic proportions.

Our culture simply has no idea how to care for or heal a body after baby.

That’s the last thing a new smart mom like you wants!

Bringing home a newborn baby should be one of the happiest times in your life.

– All the baby snuggles

 Kissable squishy toes

The first toothless smile

But there’s also:

– Keeping up with the demands of breastfeeding

– Long sleepless nights

– Crying without reason

– Feeling overwhelmed and defeated as you juggle the basics of life… all while you heal and care for a sweet babe, often without support


(When do you sleep, eat, and go pee yourself?!)

Almost all hormone imbalances stem from nutrient deficiencies.


After giving birth, our hormones are in a natural normal fluctuation. But when that fluctuation isn’t supported in the way it desperately needs, all hell breaks loose.


You’ve probably already:

  • Taken a multitude of vitamins but they just don’t do much

  • Spent hours scrolling through Pinterest and have a board of “quick meals for family” that you know you’ll never get to (goodbye hours of your precious time)

  • Tried eating healthier, like salads and smoothies, but they make you feel worse (because no one told you what your body needs and how to get it)

  • Thought about asking for help but feel guilty because you should have it down by now and who can you go to that will give you reliable and helpful information?

The saddest part is, you know how little you have left in you and you can see how your baby and your marriage is suffering because of it.

If you’re struggling to eat healthy after having kids…

If you’re constantly feeling like an exhausted hormonal wreck…

If the idea of standing in your kitchen over a hot stove sounds inconceivable…

… I can help.

As a Postpartum Bliss Coach, I have helped hundreds of women over the last decade heal their postpartum hormones with nutrition.

  • No overwhelm

  • No expensive medical bills in your near future (health!)

  • No terrifying or scary emotional lows

  • And no starving or days upon days learning a new technique, diet plan, or crazy restrictions

My Postpartum Nutrition Plan is specifically designed to address hormonal imbalances stemming from nutrient depletion in the years postpartum.


In other words, this is specifically made to support women in preventing and conquering postpartum depression and anxiety. This was carefully crafted for you.


My research over the last 10 years has revealed how radically different the postpartum years (not just the first 6 weeks!) are and just how little our society understands about the body after a baby.

Maranda’s Postpartum Meal Plan has SAVED me. I’ve been much better emotionally and mentally this time around. I haven’t been able to rest like I wanted too because of my newborns special needs and have zero time to cook or prep meals. So having this plan in my life was an absolute Godsend. Thank you so much!

-Heather M.

Maranda has outdone her herself and her wisdom shines through in this guide! She truly covered everything. I’ve done meal planning and all things similar and would have LOVED if I had this guide to start with first. It’s a resource that would have saved me so much time and energy. So glad I got it now!

-Kristin C.

Even dietitians and medical providers, the people we trust most with our health, aren’t trained in this and don’t know that:

  • A postpartum body lacks digestive enzymes to break down your foods (helping cause gas, bloating, constipation…)

  • How warm foods actually stimulate healing (and cold foods do the opposite)

  • How interrelated moods disorders and hormonal imbalances are to nutritional deficiencies

As Seen On:

The Postpartum Nutrition Plan is an all-inclusive guide that covers 6 weeks of your nutrition.


  • 6 weeks of all meals planned, including snacks

  • 25+ dairy and gluten free recipes

  • Shopping lists

  • Complete easy-to-implement “guide”

  • Freezer meal instructions for those who want to plan ahead

  • Vitamin supplement guide to maximize your nutrient intake correctly

  • And so much more

I show you kitchen tricks to ease the cooking process (crockpots and Instant Pots friendly but not necessary) so you can spend more time with your family and less time in the kitchen.


I show you EASY uncomplicated meals that require minimal or cooking knowledge/skill so you can guarantee a delicious meal without a whole lot of your energy.


And I show you how to create 6 weeks’ worth of nutrient dense meals within a few hours’ time so that you feel completely relieved that your entire month and more is already made for you!



–For those who want personal 1:1 support, my one month long Postpartum Nutrition Coaching Program is available for a limited number of women! 

This not only comes with the Postpartum Nutrition Plan curated specifically to balancing your hormones, it also comes with four private sessions that include:

– Addressing specific health concerns, including anemia, hypertension, autoimmune disease, depression/anxiety, etc.

– Accountability and making sure you’re following through without overwhelm or extra work.

– Tools and techniques to best incorporate this into your life while creating more energy and stamina.

– Creating a plan moving forward in your health, how to add back in dairy and salads, and losing weight, etc.

– All plans, guides and downloads for free.


As a bonus, all my personal 1:1 clients will receive a nutrient dense tea blend designed specifically to meet your personal needs.


Quite simply, there is literally NOTHING else like it.

The entire Postpartum Nutrition Plan uses traditional techniques and science applied to MODERN foods, that will:

– Regulate your postpartum hormones so you experience less fluctuations

Support breastfeeding and healthy milk supply for your baby

– Promote faster healing so you can get back to your best mama self faster

I have PCOS and a thyroid problem I developed in postpartum with my second baby. When I got the Postpartum Nutrition Plan, I was expecting something to help me eat better with such low energy and pain. Little did I expect to actually feel sooooo much BETTER! I have more energy, far less pain, and I get to spend more time with my family. Thank you so much. This has literally changed my life.

-Sharon L.

I bought this Plan in desperation to fit healthy food back into my life, as things had felt really out of control (hello postpartum hormones)! With three kids at home, I have very little time or desire to be in the kitchen. The Postpartum Nutrition Plan has given me confidence in my body again. Not only do I have more energy, I don’t feel like a hormonal wreck anymore. I sleep better, my hear loss is minimal, and I just feel good!

-Lacy Y.

-Everything I’m showing you in this Postpartum Nutrition Plan combines my 10 years of research in science-based evidence and cultural traditions from around the world, and applies it to a MODERN WOMAN’S healing journey.


This means that all the recipes are:

– Easy to make

– Has ingredients you can find in any supermarket

– Are familiar meals that are appetizing


No weird cultural or 5-star menu food here. That means no livers, kidneys, or dates in a pink soup! 

Bonus! Many women report their kids LOVE many of the recipes too. I know my kids do.

Why I started my journey exploring postpartum.

I’m a busy mother of 4 with a thriving business and about a million things on my plate. 

I began my journey supporting postpartum women after my own deep and dark battle with postpartum depression and anxiety with my first babe. 

After my recovery with him, I had another child nearly 4 years later. I suffered immensely from postpartum bi-polar, rage, and 9 months later, a debilitating postpartum autoimmune disease. 

I’d spend days crying my eyes out. My heart would feel like it was going to explode. I’d sit in my closet floor with my newborn on my chest, bawling ugly tears.

I was convinced that I was the worst mother in the world. And I literally sobbing to that for hours and hours. My eyes blood shot. My mind aching and exhausted.

I also developed ulcerative colitis in that postpartum. A debilitating autoimmune disease that would leave me crying in pain on the toilet covered in blood rather than my closet floor.

I cannot express to you the anger and rage I felt in that time.


This is one of the few photos I have of me with my girls as this stage. And I’m pretending to sleep as I deal with my debilitating autoimmune disease and postpartum bi-polar.

So to tell you I get the hormonal struggles of life after baby is an understatement. 

It became my mission from this point forward to understand WHY these things are happening to women. 

– Why are 1 in 7 women experiencing postpartum depression?

– Why are 1 in 7 women diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that affects their thyroid?

The scary part is that these numbers don’t account for anxiety, OCD, or any other mental health concern. Nor do they address any other autoimmune disease such as the one I developed and later healed through these foods. 


And you know why those numbers don’t exist? Because no one has thought it important enough to study further.


Which meant I had to go searching for the information myself and the things I found in my research were absolutely astonishing. 

Not only did I learn how to support the delicate hormonal dance post birth, I learned that when it wasn’t supported:

  • Your baby’s risk of developing ADHD/ADD increase significantly when a mother has postpartum depression

  • The first year after birth has the highest rates of divorce

  • Children pick up the behaviors of depression and anxiety and likely later become that themselves

What we experience in the first several years postpartum impacts our family in ways we are just learning. 

And as significant as those facts are, NO ONE has gotten down to truly supporting women in their depletion. 

I’m now dedicated to sharing with women exactly what I found in deeply healing hormones in the postpartum body.

I’ve gone on to have 2 more sweet babes. Both who’ve been a part of deep and transformational healing that postpartum truly brings. And I’ve shared this with hundreds of women, healing their bodies deeply, too.

Not only will the Postpartum Nutrition Plan support you in balancing your hormones again even years after having a baby, it will also help you:

  • Sustain a healthy milk supply if you are still breastfeeding, so that your baby is always getting enough of the best

  • Get better sleep so that you FINALLY feel more rested and ready for the crazy day ahead

  • Eliminate the guilt and overwhelm of having to deal with what to eat, what to cook, and how to plan all of that with kids

  • Support a healthy weight as you eat foods that your body is BEGGING for without starving, counting calories, or going on an unnecessary diet

  • Learn about your body’s nutrition and hormones and how to consciously address it’s needs so that you learn confidence in your body


As a smart woman, you get that in order to stop this rollercoaster of emotion and feelings of exhaustion, overwhelm, and hopelessness, you need to do something different with the way you nourish your body.


And if you don’t learn to do it in a way that support the unique needs of a body after baby, no matter how far postpartum you are, then it will continue to be a problem.


It will continue to negative effect your children’s life, your marriage, and who you are as a person. #hardtruth

OR you can get the guidance and support you’ve been craving so that you can get back in control of your body and your life and feel good again.


So if you’re ready to Restore your postpartum body, balance your hormones, and improve your energy, get your Postpartum Nutrition Plan NOW.

Want the Postpartum Nutrition Plan?

This plan will have everything you need to begin nourishing your body right away.


Want to personalize your Nutrition Plan?

You’ll be sent the plan right away and contacted ASAP to schedule your first coaching session.


About The Creator:

Maranda Bower is a Postpartum Bliss Coach who’s supporting women in experiencing deep authentic healing, while getting rid of postpartum depression and anxiety.

As a bestselling author and international speaker, she’s worked with hundreds of mothers, awakening them into the joyful and fulfilling Sacred Window that is postpartum.

She lives on her beautiful homestead in Alaska with her husband and 4 children.


Is this like a diet plan?

YUCK. Dieting is not a word any woman should have to utter in the years after baby. There is no calorie restrictions or calorie counting. Simply amazing nutritious meals that fill the soul, the belly, and heal the body.


How long will it take to see the benefits?

Most all women experience a surge of energy within the first week of eating the meals. After about two weeks, you’ll begin noticing less mood fluctuations, better sleep, and an overall feeling of wellbeing. This meal plan continues to give you added benefits through 6 weeks. It’s encouraged that you keep up with your healthy nutrition, adding all the amazing foods you love, once you feel your hormones are back on track.


How will I get this Postpartum Nutrition Plan and/or your Nutrition Coaching?

If you are just getting the Postpartum Nutrition Plan, once you submit payment you’ll be able to download the Plan immediately. You’ll also receive it via email so you have access to it anywhere you need. If you are wanting coaching along with your Plan,  you’ll be led to my personal calendar to schedule your first session, and of course you’ll be sent the Plan immediately too. Easy peasy!


Do I just use this plan once and I’m done?

One of the great things about this plan is that you can use it forever. It’s yours to keep always.  If you are blessed with another babe, you can use this plan to prepare your postpartum meals.  You can use this plan anytime you don’t feel well or just need a quick boost. And you can enjoy the recipes for a lifetime of goodness.


Do I have access to you if I have questions?

One of the amazing benefits to this program is that you get to join my free Facebook group. It’s an amazingly active community where everyone supports your journey, including me!


How this is different than some of the other books and such on postpartum nutrition?

Two things to this. There is literally no Postpartum Nutrition Plan that addresses your needs in the immediate postpartum, as well as years after children. The other piece is that these recipes are meant for more sensitive tastes. You won’t have anything difficult to learn or implement nor any interesting foods that seem less-than-appetizing.


I’m still breastfeeding. How will this affect my milk supply?

The great news is that foods that are good for you are also good for baby and your milk supply. Often, the focus in postpartum is to eat well for breastfeeding and this method doesn’t address your nutritional needs at all. But when you eat as in what’s provided in the Postpartum Nutrition Plan, you nourish both of you. It’s a win-win situation.


What if I have PCOS, diabetes, (insert serious health concern)?

Everything in this Postpartum Nutrition Plan supports a high protein, high fat diet with some key gains. No gluten, dairy, or soy are in here. Most women find this plan to be exceptionally healing for not just their hormones, but their entire body. It’s successfully supported women with PCOS, type 2 diabetes, hypothyroid and/or Hashimotos, as well as gut health issues. If you have specific questions, you can always contact me at Maranda @ and of course, do your research and speak to your provider.


Do you offer refunds?

Absolutely. If you don’t like what you have and feel the results aren’t as good as you expected, let me know as soon as possible. Your satisfaction and results are my upmost priority.

Want the Postpartum Nutrition Plan?

This plan will have everything you need to begin nourishing your body right away.


Want to personalize your Nutrition Plan?

You’ll be sent the plan right away and contacted ASAP to schedule your first coaching session.