Mother’s Sanctuary: Inner Circle

  • If you’re an exhausted new mama in the throes of postpartum existence, wondering if you’re doing it all wrong…
  • If you’re experiencing the loneliness that often comes along with becoming a mother and catering to needy babies all day…
  • If you have days that you feel lost and muddled as a mother, wishing you could get more sleep, enjoy a conversation with other adults, or even just have a few minutes to yourself…

Just know that you are NOT alone.

And you are most definitely in the right place today! We’re inviting you into the inner circle, and we have everything that you need to get back to your happy, healthy place as a woman and mother.

Mother’s Sanctuary is the tribe of wholesome, holistic, supportive mamas that you’ve been looking for! We have created this safe community where you will find encouragement, education, and healing that keeps you close to your natural roots as a woman and mother.

We’re here to support you, celebrate you, and encourage you on this journey of motherhood! Through the good times and the bad. Because let’s face it: we all experience lows during motherhood, especially during the early days of postpartum.

You’re exhausted, you’re trying to navigate this new territory, and you might even face severe anxiety or postpartum depression. In the midst of these struggles, you need to remember two important things:

1. You are capable of being a strong women and mother, even during times of struggle.

2. And you are capable of raising amazing, well-rounded, healthy children.

But you still need some guidance, support, and commiseration along the way!

This community is designed to address your concerns in motherhood and provide weekly support to YOU, our fellow mothers and friends. We’re here to support each other, learn from each other, and grow together.

If you want to THRIVE in motherhood and enjoy the journey, you need support. You need connection with other mamas who “get it”. And you need the best foundation for a healthy, spiritual, centered life for yourself and your babies.

And that is what we’re here to provide!

This sanctuary is here to help you embrace, enjoy, and grow in motherhood…instead of feeling lost and alone in motherhood.

Welcome to the inner circle, where you’ll get to experience all of this and more!

Private Monthly Membership Includes:

1. Private Community

A coming together of like minded mothers, sharing a similar journey. Whether children are your life’s work or your work extends beyond the demands of motherhood, this is a safe, loving community that offers you many connections and potential for creating life-long friends.

2. Virtual Coaching

Ask me anything about all things birth, breastfeeding, postpartum, and motherhood related. You’ll have access to me to get your personal questions answered in a way that’s supportive, uplifting, and backed by science.

3. Virtual Library


All workbooks, live Q&A’s, and videos will be archived and easily accessible. You always have access so that you can re-watch, or catch it later as motherhood allows.

4. Intention Setting and Accountabilty Available


As with the phases of the moon, you can explore how you are in all areas of life. From there, intentions are set, goals are created, and you are supported, loved, and cheered on in your journey to create and live your best mama life.


5. Monthly Themes

An invitation to dive into all things motherly including self-care, postpartum, and motherhood beyond the first few weeks. Each theme is an invitation to help you bring out the best mother in you, helping you find peace and restoration. Monthly topics include creating ritual, “mother’s guilt”, body image, and so much more.

Each month’s theme is complete with a workbook that includes prayers, meditations, and a guide to walk you through. A video or video series (depending on the topic) will invite you to dig deeper, explore your own inner themes, and connect with other mothers just like you. Live Q&A’s will be available once a month for an opportunity to ask your most important questions and get personalized answers just for you.

6. Bonuses

Special discounts on new services, classes, and retreats will be available to you as they come. And of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Join Mother’s Sanctuary today for $25/month


Mother’s Sanctuary founder, Maranda Bower, has three babies of her own and acts as a postpartum wellness practitioner for hundreds of mamas around the world. She’s an international sensation that lives to educate, inspire, and encourage mamas as they navigate this overwhelming journey. Her unique position as an experienced mother and coach brings forth the guidance and support that every mama needs on her side!

Maranda Bower, Serenity Grows

Through this community, Maranda provides her world-renowned postpartum coaching in a group setting on a weekly basis. This weekly coaching includes postpartum education, emotional support, question and answer, and individual attention to group members, as time allows. One of the many perks of Mother’s Sanctuary Membership!