Blissful Mama Holiday Spectacular!

Thanks for being AMAZING, mama. Enjoy these gifts from me to you!

Available from Dec. 21st – Dec. 30th

Supported in Birth: Stories of Empowering Wisdom


 Learn how to create an empowering birth, even when it calls for the unexpected. Through the eyes of 28+ mothers, you’ll walk away knowing all about contractions; how they feel, what to expect, and all things related, what your options and rights are in birth, and the top 10 essentials for giving birth naturally and mindfully.

 Book excerpt: I’ve done this before. I knew the powerful potential building inside her. Her heart beat faster. My breaths grew deeper. When her face disappeared into the soft sea of birth, I knew the sacred dance was in full swing. I remember: birth isn’t for the strong or brave or cunning. It’s for those who are supported. For those who feel safe in surrendering to motherhood.

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Supported in Breastfeeding: Stories of Nourishing Wisdom


Learn how to move past the average breastfeeding time of 3 months. Through the eyes of women around the world, they show you breastfeeding challenges may arise and what you can do about them, and even how to breastfeed with NICU babies, adoptive infants, and more. 

Breastfeeding Book Excerpt: She was determined. Frantic even. Twenty-three challenging hours of labor and she was fiercely hungry. Before this moment, I didn’t know. Before this, I’ve only imagined. She looked in my eyes and in a skip of a heart beat, we understood. She latched. Rhythmic, restful, nourishing swallows. I smiled. This is just the beginning.

On sale 12.99!

Supported in Birth AND Supported in Breastfeeding


Supported in Breastfeeding: Stories of Nourishing Wisdom + Supported in Birth: Stories of Empowering Wisdom is a perfect combo for a new mama or mama-to-be.

Free shipping.

On sale 19.99!

Natural Recipes for Postpartum Healing eCourse

Your easy guide to 30+ healing recipes for mother, baby, and home

Powerful postpartum healing recipes to ease discomfort and speed up the healing process. You will get lifetime access to my recipe book and my accompanying video series…because these healing methods go far beyond the postpartum period. Learn more here.

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Mindful Postpartum Healing eCourse

a rock-solid system for healing your postpartum body, mind, and soul (in just 40 days)!

Imagine feeling completely prepared for these postpartum changes and knowing exactly how to heal faster and more completely.

My most sought after, comprehensive course, comprised with everything you need to know to heal your body deeply. Learn more here.

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Special Holiday Bundle – Get all 4!


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