Herbal Recipes for Postpartum Healing eCourse

Your easy guide to 30+ healing recipes for mother, baby, and home

Natural, effective, and luscious recipes designed for mother’s and birth workers who want the purest after birth care.

Postpartum is a sacred time for mama and baby.

You and your baby need this time to rest, heal, adjust to new life, and get to know each other.

It’s so important to give your body, mind, and soul the best that nature has to offer during this raw and vulnerable time.

That is why I developed this 38-page book and filled it with all-natural healing recipes to support your body and your baby during the postpartum time period and beyond!

This recipe book is accompanied by an easy 11-part video series to help you get the most out of these powerful healing remedies.

You don’t need to be a pro. And you certainly don’t need to have any fancy tools or ingredients to make these easy and magical recipes.

Herbal Recipes for Postpartum Healing eCourse

Your easy guide to 30+ healing recipes for mother, baby, and home


You’ll  learn:

  • Powerful postpartum healing recipes to ease discomfort and speed up the healing process.

  • My secret recipe for an all-natural scar and stretch mark salve.

  • Safe and gentle recipes for diapering, moisturizing, and teething babies.

  • Breastfeeding recipes that increase milk supply and ease initial discomfort.

  • Baby balms and essential oil blends that encourage better sleep patterns.

…and much, much more!

In this eCourse, I’m giving you exactly what you need to have the best postpartum experience possible. In fact, I’m revealing herbal recipes that have been used for thousands of years and are still amazing in today’s modern world.

The best part? You aren’t required to have a massive amount of ingredients on hand. Most recipes have a similar make-up.  be able to develop your own postpartum recovery plan, one that is tailored to YOU and your exact needs.


You will get lifetime access to my recipe book and my accompanying video series…because these healing methods go far beyond the postpartum period.

This will be one of the most exciting and life-changing times that you ever experience.

And it’s important to give your new body and your new baby the best start possible. This eCourse and recipe book will give you all of the tools you need to heal your postpartum body in the most natural way possible.

Access the Herbal Recipes for Postpartum Healing PDF book and eCourse Now!

What’s included, you ask?

Course Curriculum:

Module 1: Getting Started

     Lesson 1: Welcome

Module 2: Deep Healing

     Lesson 1: Postpartum Healing

     Lesson 2: Belly Healing

     Lesson3: Cesarean Healing

Module 3: Babies and Boobies

     Lesson 1: Baby Care

     Lesson 2: Breastfeeding

Module 4: Postpartum Necessities

     Lesson 1: Sleeping in Peace

     Lesson 2: Hormone Regulation

Module 5: Extra Love

     Lesson 1: Body Love

     Lesson 2: House and Home

     Lesson 3: Extra Support

It’s not just the birth of a baby.

It’s the birth of a mother too.

This is one of the most critical times in your life. It’s one you’ll never forget. You and your baby deserve the best.

And the Herbal Recipes for Postpartum Healing eCourse is the most comprehensive guide to your wellness after birth.

Maranda Bower is a Postpartum Bliss Coach who’s supporting mamas in experiencing deep authentic healing, while preventing postpartum depression and anxiety.

As an author and speaker, she’s worked with hundreds of mothers, awakening them into the joyful and fulfilling Sacred Window that is postpartum.

She lives on her beautiful homestead in Alaska with her husband and 4 children.