Maranda Bower

Postpartum Bliss Coach

eCourses for transforming this sacred transition from stressed to absolutely blissful.

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What are you waiting for, mama? Dive into the best and most transformative postpartum information available.


Herbal Recipes for Postpartum Healing eCourse

Your easy guide to 30+ healing recipes for mother, baby, and home

Natural, effective, and luscious recipes designed for mother’s and birth workers who want the purest after birth care. 

Healing from Birth Trauma eCourse

A powerful guide to coping, healing, and finding strength in your new normal

If you’re the 1 of every 3 women that have had a traumatic experience bringing your baby into this world… this program is for YOU.

Postpartum Prep for Little Siblings eCourse

Preparing your toddler/preschooler for a new baby. Including a 65+ guilt-free activity guide to keep them busy postpartum

Because keeping your babies happy and healthy is important to you! And making postpartum easier is NECESSARY for your sanity.

Blissful Mama Postpartum eCourse

A rock-solid system for healing your postpartum body, mind, and soul (in just 40 days)!

A proven system to restore your postpartum body faster than ever; supporting you in feeling stronger, healthier, and happily basking in new-baby bliss.

Space in my exclusive 1:1 transformation programs are extremely limited.

Are you ready to experience a blissful postpartum and profoundly heal your body naturally? My 1:1 programs are for those serious women who are ready to rise above, align with their highest self, and experience the most sacred of passages blissfully.

You’ll learn how to maximize sleep, incorporate the Six Sacred Healing Therapies into your life with ease, take back control of your hormones, and blossom into the woman living in her highest truth.

By simply having the wisdom and intuition of a healer specializing in the sacred window that is postpartum, you’ll be gently led to discover your own power and innate knowing of all things beautiful in motherhood and beyond.

Programs range between $1,200 – $10,000

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