Serenity Grows and the Postpartum Movement {and a Giveaway!}

Welcome to Serenity Grows, mama! I am thrilled you are here as I have so much to share with you.

The first thing you need to know is that this isn’t your typical postpartum village.

This isn’t about depression. Nor is it about hemorrhage or anxiety or scary baby stuff (although I’ll surely be covering these). Those are simply small pieces of postpartum but they certainly don’t define it.

Google “postpartum” and the only thing you get are the scaries. I bet if you asked yourself how you felt about postpartum, you may think something negative too. So it’s worth repeating: postpartum is not depression or hemorrhage.

Postpartum Giveaway

So what is postpartum? That’s what Serenity Grows is here for. I’m going to redefine postpartum for our culture. Why, you may ask? Because what we know of postpartum is wrong and it’s killing us mothers.

Let me start with my own story.

I started my journey into motherhood after a steady, long natural labor. And within two weeks, I was the most sleep deprived human on the planet. Then I became swallowed up in the throes of postpartum depression. I had spent nearly 9 months working so hard to figure out labor and how to give birth in a way that I wanted, but I completely forgot everything postpartum.

Sound familiar?

The next year was incredibly difficult. I was alone in my journey, parenting without support or help. I became a single parent and felt even more deeply wrong. I didn’t understand why I was given a kid. I didn’t understand why I was in this place. I was so sad and couldn’t figure out why simply breathing was difficult (really, I felt like I literally couldn’t breathe). I had truly lost my sense on who I was.

I became an observer of my son. Yes, I was his sole provider and cared for him, changed his diaper, bathed him, gave him everything I could, but I was hardly present. I wasn’t truly “there”. Looking back at those pictures of our time and I see the disconnected mother I was. It still saddens me.

And I never told a sole.

Around the time he was 3 months, I made a decision to get out of this dark hole that takes so many mamas victim. I was already in the middle of studying to be a childbirth educator and I made it a priority to research and understand and change my current position. But it wasn’t for me. It was for my baby boy.

Within a year, I was out of depression, teaching others about my journey, about birth and postpartum. I developed my own proprietary tools and curriculum, all based on research and the countless educational courses I invested in.

Soon, I was running pregnancy and postpartum retreats, teaching classes, writing books, attending births, serving on both local and national boards regarding labor and postpartum, speaking at local gatherings and universities, and even sharing my story with other amazing mothers on TV. I also went on to have two more babies, both being beautiful and transformative postpartum experiences (even with my brief encounter with postpartum bi-polar with my 3rd which I detail here).

I had figured out what was wrong in postpartum.

Postpartum is an incredibly raw and vulnerable time that varies greatly between women. Although it’s experienced differently, there is an underpinning similarity between them all. To define this time as the period it takes for the uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy size (6 weeks) is solely physiological, medically subjective, and misses the point completely.

So I, Maranda Bower, owner of Serenity Grows, am redefining postpartum. I’m sharing with mothers everywhere EXACTLY what postpartum is, encompassing every aspect of becoming a mother.

What is really postpartum, you ask?

Postpartum is a critical window of time following the birth of a baby (lasting a minimum of 40 days) and encompasses both mother and baby through a transformative period of bonding, healing, and rejuvenation.dd

To break the definition down:

  • Postpartum is a significant life event involving the birth of both baby and the birth of a mother.
  • 40 days marks the minimum postpartum time (also known as the 4th trimester). Most women don’t fully recovery from postpartum for at least two years after giving birth!
  • The mother and baby relationship is extraordinarily influential in postpartum.
  • The postpartum transformation lasts a lifetime. A new mother will never be her “normal” again, but transformed.
  • Postpartum is a time of bonding.
  • Postpartum is a time of healing from birth and from pregnancy.
  • Postpartum is a time of rejuvenation. During postpartum, the female body is in its most raw state, with all “layers” peeled away. This transformative time can offer renewal, mending, and repair that extend far more deeply than just healing from birth.

What we know of as postpartum in our culture, how we approach it with absentmindedness and trepidation, eagerly seeking a way to get back to “normal” and completely misunderstanding the rawness of the postpartum body, is the very thing that’s making postpartum so dang difficult.

It isn’t anyone’s fault, really. Postpartum is so raw and intimate that it’s been kept hidden in our modern days. The medical field is just now studying Postpartum Mood Disorders within the last decade (seriously. And postpartum has been around since… THE BEGINNING).

Mamas in our society simple don’t know how to approach this period of time. We aren’t given tips on how to bond with our baby, or how to heal faster, or what to eat to build back what was lost in pregnancy. Our postpartum body is in such an open and vulnerable state, and mama’s know nothing on how to care for it. Then we fall deeply; we bleed longer, experience autoimmune issues, digestive problems, hormone imbalances, mood disorders, and a whole list of problems, and blame postpartum.

This isn’t postpartum. It’s the result of not understanding the nature of this time and how to make the best of it. And this is where Serenity Grows comes in.

In working with 100’s of women in their labor and postpartum journeys, going on to have more beautiful babies of my own, and studying the many cultures who have mastered the art of postpartum, I am certain that this new definition and way of approaching this period is the missing link we’ve all been waiting for.

I’ve experienced this beautiful transition myself. And I’ve seen it in my clients who use the tools and implement the knowledge I share with them. It’s absolutely inspiring, sacred, and downright wholesome. After my second baby, people would ask me how I was doing and I would respond that I was simply dancing in the field of flowers. The reality is that I felt alive, transformed into a mother of love and sacrifice, and deeply whole.

“Attended a postpartum retreat that Maranda hosted and it was amazing. I felt so lifted up and supported, was a truly wonderful experience.” – Jolie M.

“Absolutely going to change your life. 5☆ to infinity and beyond. Every mama needs this.” -LeeAnna C.

“There is so much growth and change that occurs once your baby is earth side. I was more than ecstatic to have someone to confide in and being introduced to lots of wonderful remedies and natural products to help me recover and embrace my transition into motherhood. Your world is forever changed once your baby arrives and I needed support. Serenity grows provided the insight, wisdom, and healing I needed…!” -Melissa K.

“Maranda is one of the most loving and caring women I have ever met. I was privileged to participate in one of her Serenity Circles and it was so helpful and healing!” -Mary S.

Over the course of the next few months, I’ll be sharing some powerful information with you about postpartum. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just given birth to your first, or about to have your sixth. It doesn’t matter if you’re holistic or medically inclined. This information can change the course of your mothering life.

So without further ado, I invite you to join me in this movement – the Postpartum Movement, #SerenityPostpartum. Together, we can change the way we experience postpartum. Together, we can bring hope, love, strength, and community to a time of great change and uncertainty.

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