Blissful Mama
Postpartum Program 

3 months to take your postpartum journey from stressed-out to serene

Are you in the first THREE years postpartum and terrified of living your life in the depths of postpartum depression/anxiety or even a postpartum autoimmune disorder?

Are you constantly feeling exhausted, depleted, full of guilt and frustration, and realizing it’s negatively effecting your baby and your relationship with your partner?

Do you wish you could just feel confident and strong in your body, and simply relish in the joy of a motherhood without feeling miserable and irritated?

You instinctively KNOW that bringing a baby earth side is a sacred rite of passage, and that every mother and baby deserves far more than an endless war of exhaustion and tears.

You want to bounce back after pregnancy, with a deep connection to your baby, and get on with being the best version of your mama self.

I have four children, so I totally get it, mama.

After struggling with one baby to the next, suffering from both extreme postpartum depression and postpartum bi-polar, I finally got the God-given message that our society is simply doing this whole thing wrong.


By my third baby, I had healed my body faster and more deeply than I ever have before. My hormones were next to perfect, and I was blissed out for months, fully living aligned within my body and my powerful intuition.

Discovering how to find bliss in postpartum was no small feat. Using my connections, experience, and trainings as a birth worker, I was able to spend countless days, months, and years researching postpartum in the right places. I traveled to conferences, spoke to indigenous midwives and birth workers, and read everything from long lost texts to the latest scientific evidence. Not only was I on a mission to discover how to have an amazing postpartum experience, I was also desperate to heal my own past postpartum trauma.

When I started implementing these transformative techniques, everything changed.

It became clear that to experience health, joy, and vibrancy in postpartum, I needed to understand how the postpartum body actually functioned, how my actions helped create both inner and outer harmony, and exactly how to apply this to the modern life of being a mom.

In two years, I went from depths of intense sadness and despair, having panic attacks and intrusive thoughts, and hating being a mother to:

-Having a deeply healed body that was strong enough for juggling multiple children and hiking mountain trails for fun and adventure.

-Feeling abundantly alive, joyful, and whole, fully loving and appreciating myself and my relationship to my baby, family, and my higher power.

-Being fully confident in my parenting choices, knowing exactly what my baby needed and the best way they needed it, no matter the situation or who said otherwise.

I have more energy and passion in my life, all while fully engaging with my children, and WHILE helping more mamas than I’ve ever dreamed of do the exact same.

Are you ready to experience a blissful postpartum and heal your body naturally both inside and out? 

Blissful Mama
Postpartum Program 

3 months to take your postpartum journey from stressed-out to serene

More sleep, deeper healing, stronger connection with baby, and a life without postpartum depression and anxiety.

A private 3 month mentorship with Maranda Bower.


 I’ve designed this program especially for the mama who:

1. Energetically understands that working together at this high level is a calling; an invitation to take the plunge into the sacred work of healing postpartum.

2. Struggles over confidence with her body and daily flow but is determined to transform herself to a healthy, aligned being that brings her closer to her HIGHEST and most authentic self.

3. Wants to connect deeply to her baby AND maximize her sleep and nutritional health so she heals faster, and her postpartum hormones stay balanced.

There is not a single person or program out there that will give you what it takes to heal your mind, body, and soul postpartum.

This is the only intuitive AND science-based program in the world designed to give you back your power during this sacred life transition.

In this program designed specifically for you, I’m going to give you everything you need to create the best possible postpartum, in the most gentle and natural way, without overwhelming you and leaving you confused about what to do.

You already have enough on your plate and you need something that will be fulfilling and joyful, not only as an end goal but as a complete process.

My past and current clients have:


-Gotten a full night’s sleep after our first call.

-Eliminated postpartum anxiety after 4 sessions together.

-Lowered or gotten off medications for postpartum depression/anxiety.

-Increased milk supply after having to supplement from lack of milk production.

-Created a meaningful and loving bond with baby after months of disassociation, guilt and anger.

-Healed birth and postpartum trauma stemming from lack/mismanagement of care.

-Gained confidence in raising their baby in a way that was meaningful for them.

-Rebuilt their marriage after a long struggle with postpartum rage.

In the Blissful Mama Postpartum Program, I meet you where you are and CUSTOMIZE these 8 dynamic pieces so that you can have serenity in postpartum.

Blissful Mama Postpartum Program 1

Align with the Sacred Window of Becoming

Transform your postpartum confidence and learn the significance of the Sacred Window.

Understanding the postpartum body and how it functions is a MUST for creating an authentic postpartum experience that meets your body’s personal needs. When you fully grasp the fundamentals of postpartum, you will:

1. Set the foundation necessary to positively transform your postpartum and dramatically affect your health, including your future menopause.

2. Be prepared for your upcoming labor to minimize physical and emotional trauma, and learn what to do if your birth didn’t go as planned.

3. Rise above negative beliefs about life after baby, and create realistic expectations about postpartum and your post-baby body.

Get sleep, even when your baby nurses constantly

Establish patterns that support deep sleep, your fastest route to healing.

Sleep in postpartum is your lifeline to exceptional health, and feeling alive and serene. But how do you get the sleep you need with a gorgeous yet demanding newborn? Get ready to:

1. Discover the MODERN day Postpartum Lying In. Learn the ancient technique designed to connect you to health and your higher power, and how to transform it to meet your needs in today’s world.

2. Learn the infant sleep cycle and how it’s set up to save your baby’s life, plus absolute necessities for ensuring your baby gets the best sleep possible.

3. Get clear on your personal sleep needs, and how to plan, delegate, and communicate your needs in a way that feels good.

Nourish yourself with the Blissful Mama Postpartum Nutrition Plan

It’s counter-intuitive to everything you’re being told right now.

What you eat in postpartum intensely effects your gut health, which is why many postpartum mamas experience intense gas and bloating, a surge in food sensitivities/allergies, and a significantly increased risk to autoimmune diseases. Get ready to:

1. Uncover the easiest and most effective way to nourish yourself postpartum, with easy meal prep and freezer meals that will last you weeks and weeks.

2. Make sure you are getting all the essential nutrients that are absolutely necessary for hormone balance, milk production, and minimizing postpartum hair loss.

3. Learn the truth about placenta ingestion and whether it’s safe for you and your baby.

Discover the six sacred healing therapies

Cut your healing time in half and heal your body more deeply.

After birth, your body is raw and vulnerable to all things, as every layer of your being has been shed. Each layer must be added back carefully and precisely so that you build a solid foundation within your body that radiates strength and vitality. You’ll heal with:

1. Universal postpartum practices celebrated around the world, proven to awaken the body’s natural ability to heal, and feels downright euphoric in the process.

2. An ancient technique designed to provide you with abdominal stability, ease aches and pains, and support you in holding your newborn.

3. An understanding of the safety and proper usage of herbs and whether it’s safe to include essential oils.

Balance your hormones

Avoid/Kick Postpartum Mood Disorders and enjoy the wonder of a new baby with joy and delight.

Mood Disorders and disruptions are a growing epidemic, with well over 30% of mother’s reporting of such disarray. However, most postpartum mood disorders are not pathological. These disruptions are not the problem but a symptom of a much greater misunderstanding in postpartum.  Get ready to:

1. Take back control of your hormones and learn how to shape them to your benefit and be a participate in their delicate dance to normalcy.

2. Find the perfect emotional support in today’s busy world, and your alternatives to finding your tribe when you don’t have one available.

3. Understand the power of what your emotions are telling you, and learn to accept their invitation to shed the shit and live a better life.

Confidently care for your baby

Discover the powerful force of your mama intuition and your innate knowing.

Being able to bond with your baby and establish healthy breastfeeding are critical for postpartum well-being. And when you become a mother, your intuition becomes intensified and can sometimes be overwhelming as you care for your baby. You’ll learn to:

1. Fall in love with your baby and your innate ability to care for them, and hone your intuition to work for you, not against you.

2. Consciously influence your baby’s genetics, which happen in the first 10 days of life, and how that effects your relationship especially in the early years.

3. Use the Swahili word translated to “Motherbaby”, which unifies the mother and baby with authentic adoration and a healthy attachment.

Get the body you’ll fall in love with

Exercise and movement in postpartum can structure your body exactly how you’ve always wanted, but only if done right.

The sensitive balance of postpartum exercise can either shape or break you. Knowing exactly how to support your new body and bring about core strength is one of the most elemental tools to amazing health. Get ready to:

1. Learn the physiology of the postpartum body and how to best support your own ligaments, joints, and proper blood flow without stress and added pressure.

2. Develop and easy routine that incorporates the best exercises, so that you support your organs, core muscles, and changing ligaments without weakening them even more.

3. Understand the dreaded diastasis recti so that you can heal from it or prevent it from taking over your strength and well-being.

4.Blossom within your new body in a way that feels lively and beautiful, and makes you feel whole, confident, and without physical strain.

Find your new normal

Create routine and ritual that feels fulfilling.

Pregnancy and postpartum draws you inward to explore and redefine your truth. After much surrender and transformation, it’s time to come into the light and outwardly share your newfound experiences. Your get to:

1. Discover time for yourself and enjoy the moments you spend replenishing your heart and playing with your personal bliss without difficulty or guilt.

2. Explore your new body and your relationship with your partner including all things exciting and intimate.

3. Create celebration, tradition, and ritual that brings connection to your family and a sense of stability throughout your days and years as a mother.

Spots are extremely limited in this 1:1 mentorship program.

Your Private Mentorship with Maranda includes:

3 months of solid support, mentoring, and coaching with Maranda.

(8) 45-minute coaching calls to get you on track and make sure you have everything you need.

Unlimited Messenger support for optimal support throughout the program.

Access to Blissful Postpartum e-Course so you can review key principles at any time for your convenience.

Access to a complete training library as needed to support your learning and healing.

Investment $4,500
(Pay in full = $4,000)

Is this the transformation you know you need?

Create a blissful postpartum that will leave lasting peace and health throughout motherhood.  In the Blissful Mama Postpartum Program you will learn to get the sleep your body needs, nourish yourself and baby, balance your hormones naturally, uncover your truest and most intuitive self, find a new normal within all the change, and so much more.

I’ve been exactly where you are, and I know how critical it is to take action right away. There is only a small window in which to prepare for postpartum and to miss the opportunity can be the difference of depression, anxiety, failing gut health, antidepressants, and a disconnected baby.

Get unwavering support and promise that you’ll do whatever it takes to ensure your baby and your self are experiencing postpartum as it’s meant to be, in all it’s beauty, as you truly deserve. Don’t find yourself wishing six months down the road that you had the ability to make this decision again. You won’t.

Imagine getting the perfect start to motherhood, easily enjoying the magical moments that are so short-lived, and creating an unyielding foundation of your bond and body for a lifetime. It’s your time to prepare for your journey and set yourself up for postpartum bliss.

Only YOU can make the difference.

With love,

Spots are extremely limited in this 1:1 mentorship program.