Baby Boot Camp for Little Siblings

Preparing Your Toddler/Preschooler for a New Baby including a 100+ Guilt-Free Activity Guide to Keep Them Busy Postpartum


Do you have a wee little toddler or preschooler (or both!) at home and expecting another baby?

Do you struggle with how to tell your child about the new baby coming, and wonder how the heck you are going to keep them busy so that you could rest and focus on bonding and breastfeeding once the baby arrives?

Before I became a Postpartum Wellness Practitioner and Coach, I was a preschool teacher and I ran a very successful preschool with over 60 families for nearly 13 years. My passion in life is teaching mothers and children. It doesn’t get better than this!

I am preparing a simple step-by-step eCourse, jam packed with information on how you can prepare your toddler or preschooler for the birth of a new baby, followed by technology-free and guilt-free activities that will keep your little one busy for weeks while you bond and rest with your newest addition.


Already had the baby? This will literally save you hours a day!

This program includes:

  • Simple ways to include your child in the preparation of a new baby.
  • How to emotionally prepare them for the arrival of their sibling.
  • How to explain labor, birth, and breastfeeding in simple terms, along with resources and activities to help your little one understand the process of having a new baby.
  • 100+ activities to keep them happy once baby arrives!
  • Ways to encourage a sibling bond, and how to handle a child who’s disappointed.
  • How to curb meltdowns and make sure they feel loved and cared for too.

You’ll get:

  • Lifetime access to the course!
  • PDF downloads and full easy-to-follow instructions for SIMPLE activities and beyond.
  • Group access to other mamas who are taking the course as encouragement and a place to ask questions.
  • Access to me personally, with opportunity to work out specific concerns and more.



Imagine knowing that your child is completely prepared for the birth of your new baby, and felt excited and loved throughout the process. Imagine feeling a stronger connection with your child, and that they knew how much you loved them through this major life transition. Imagine feeling prepared, confident, and fully ready to bond with your baby and to be able to rest as much as possible, knowing that your child was fully engaged in learning, interactive, and creative play.

Not to mention, having your child prepared will help your partner feel less stress too!

A minimum of 50 mamas need to be registered in order for this to launch June 15th. To register, complete checkout below. A $50 deposit is due, which will be applied to the total of $222 for the course. If, for some reason, 50 mamas don’t register by June 15th, you will receive a full refund.

Questions? Send them here.