Hey, mama. I’m Maranda Bower, your Postpartum Bliss Coach, author, speaker, and the creator of Serenity Grows. If you ever asked yourself:

  • “How do I make my journey postpartum smoother?”
  • “How do I prevent postpartum depression?”
  • “How do I bond with my baby stronger and more deeply?”
  • “How do I take care of myself during this time?”
  • “How do I enjoy this sacred time, rather than experience the horror stories I hear all the time?”

 Or if you’ve ever just needed someone to talk to or connect with who understands what you’re going though, YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

So what about me? How’d I get here?

Good question. In 2009, I became a mother. I grew passionate about childbirth after having my son and became a certified childbirth educator. When I began working with mamas and families, I knew, without question, I had found my calling.

My business exploded. I started running retreats for women in pregnancy and postpartum. I authored my first book, launched a product line for mamas and babies, started local gatherings, served on educational boards for childbirth and postpartum, attended births as a doula, all while teaching couples about birth.

Four kids later, I was beat. I had postpartum depression with my first baby and postpartum bi-polar with my third. And in my years of working with mamas and babies, I saw how neglected postpartum was, even for my own self. Why was there such a gap between what we know in birth and what we know in postpartum?

What was missing?

It’s like postpartum is new or something. No one is really talking about it. It just became something to study in psychology. And doctors are like “6 weeks after baby and you’re good!”

No. No way. There is so much more.

 So I focused my attention to the raw and sacred time of postpartum. I dived in with everything I had. I sold my product line. Gave my retreats away. And transformed Serenity Grows to an online holistic postpartum wellness center.

And that’s when things REALLY exploded.

You know there is something to this when women say “oh thank goodness. I had no idea…. what would I do without you?” Somehow, this has really hit home for many mamas.

It’s no longer a secret.

And I am as passionate as ever. Another book launched. E-courses too. I’m in school for a psychology degree specializing in maternal mental health. The conversations are intense and wild and big. It’s been a swirl of amazingness (yeah, I just made that word up).

Hey! I’m Maranda.

Postpartum Bliss Coach, Homesteader, Self-Love Advocate, Birth Educator, Soul Explorer, Lover of Art, + Mama of 4

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