7 Misconceptions of Postpartum Nutrition Video Series

Everything you need to know about using food to prevent postpartum depression, anxiety, and autoimmune diseases during this time.


Your free guide to understanding how your postpartum body functions and why eating smoothies and salads are slowing your healing. Learn what to do to support your body post birth.

Your Biggest Postpartum Misconceptions Revealed


  • How postpartum depression, anxiety, and autoimmune diseases are becoming an epidemic and a new “normal” in our world.
  • How science gets everything wrong about postpartum.
  • How nutrition is used to care for the body internally.
  • Why cold foods are harmful to a healing uterus.



  • Societal expectations on returning to “normal” and how that’s harming women.
  • One of the biggest mistakes when eating in postpartum and what to do differently.
  • The process of health to autoimmune disease postpartum (what that looks like for many women).




  • The question every smart woman in postpartum is asking.
  • Exactly how the foods you eat effect your postpartum hormone balance.
  • Why you aren’t losing weight with breastfeeding.
  • How not wanting food in postpartum is a sign something is wrong and what.
  • A easy hassle-free strategy for finding nutritional and hormonal balance in postpartum.




  • Vegan/Vegetarian diets in postpartum and what you really need to know about it.
  • The truth about supplements and how they effect a postpartum body.
  • The difference between going with the flow and preparing so you can go with the flow.
  • EXACTLY what you need to do to prepare for your nutrition so that you aren’t overwhelmed.




  • Regulating your postpartum hormones so you experience less fluctuations.
  • Supporting breastfeeding and healthy supply for your baby.
  • Promoting faster healing within your body so you can get back to your best woman self sooner.




  • What to do if you’re 1 to 2+ years postpartum and you didn’t get the nutritional support you needed.



Want the Postpartum Nutrition Plan PLUS?

Eating the right foods in postpartum helps prevent postpartum mood disorders and autoimmune diseases, so that you never have to experience that dark side of postpartum.

As a Postpartum Bliss Coach, my work is supporting smart women in preparing for postpartum, by giving them the Real Facts on how a postpartum body functions and responds, how to heal deeply, and how to fully align with the power of becoming a mother.

Unfortunately our society at large doesn’t understand how a postpartum body functions during this time, and assume that eating healthy in postpartum is the same as eating healthy normally (salads and smoothies and raw foods, oh my!). But nothing is further from the truth.

What you should eat in postpartum is counter-intuitive to everything you are being told right now.

My all-inclusive Postpartum Nutrition Meal Plan covers the first 6 weeks of postpartum and includes:

  • 6 Week Meal Plan
  • Dairy and Gluten Free Recipes
  • Implementation Guide
  • Freezer Meal Instructions (so you can prep before baby comes!)
  • Supplementation Guide

The best part is that you get two coaching sessions with me, so that you can address your personal nutritional needs and concerns, as well as have the support to implement the plan for your body.

All of these recipes use ancient techniques applied to modern foods, that will:

  • Regulate your postpartum hormones so you experience less fluctuations
  • Support breastfeeding and healthy supply for your baby
  • Promote faster healing so you can get back to your best mama self sooner

Already past the first 6 weeks postpartum?

No problem. If you are experiencing hormone imbalances, gut health issues, or intense exhaustion that stemmed from postpartum, this plan will change your life.

Get your Postpartum Nutrition Plan Immediately.

You’ll be sent the plan right away and contacted ASAP to schedule your first coaching session.


Want the Postpartum Nutrition Plan without the coaching attached?

Certainly. This plan will have everything you need to begin nourishing your body right away.