Breastfeeding it hard.

We hold this expectation for women. We think that feeding our babies from the breast is just a natural part of life. And because it’s natural, we hold this assumption that women will just do it. I mean, after-all she can obviously grow a baby. Certainly she can feed one too!


And while we share with an expecting mom all the glorious benefits of breastfeeding a baby, we fail to mention the few hiccups along the way. We fail to share with her that things might be a bit rocky at first. We gloss over those parts. Not because we have forgotten. But because we know that breastfeeding was worth every ounce of struggle we may have experienced.

But our new mama friend doesn’t know that. And when she feeds her baby for the first week of life outside the womb, she struggles. She hurts. It’s emotional and physically taxing. And all she can think about is the beautiful stories we shared with her. She wonders why she’s the only one. Alone, afraid, and full of guilt and frustration and shame.

It’s time we told the truth. It’s time we supported women in breastfeeding.

Much like the trials of labor, some experience the trials of feeding our baby. In the end there is a beautiful and immeasurable feeling of joy and love and euphoria. And although the end result is important, new mothers also need to know the journey it took to get there. To feel connected to others who’ve been in the same place. To feel safe, normal, and SUPPORTED.

In my seven years working with expecting moms as a childbirth educator, doula, and mentor, one of the biggest concerns I hear are about breastfeeding. Women consistently say they didn’t know there was so much to know.

When I show up to help a mama, sometimes it’s a matter of giving them a new technique. Or helping them perfect what they were already doing. Many times, it’s simply validating their feelings. But mostly, almost always, these mamas simply needed to know that this was all normal. That this was a ordinary bump in the road of learning. And that her efforts will pay off and be worth all the marvelous stories she’s heard from us all.

There is power in stories that we women are drawn too. We need stories to help us through the rainbows (the good) and the rain (not-so-good) of birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, and parenting. Hearing others helps us validate that we are not alone. That we women, despite not being in a tribe in the true sense of the word, are still interconnected. We still belong.

In my many years of listening + supporting new mothers, I realized that we weren’t telling them the whole story. And the whole story, in its entirety, was what she really needed to press through to the other side.


So for the last 18 months, I’ve poured myself in creating something that would tell the whole n

arrative about breastfeeding, both the beauty + perils, the potential pitfalls, the incredible feeling of nourishing your baby with success. And most importantly, that breastfeeding, both the gratifying and the adversities, are NORMAL and worth the effort.

Supported in Breastfeeding: Stories of Nourishing Wisdom touch on these very points. Mothers from all over the world share their joy, heartbreak, tears, and moments that made their journey more than worth it. And not only do mamas feel supported in their own journey through this book, they cut their learning curve in half. Because now they know what they didn’t know, shared in a way that textbooks and how-to’s just can’t touch.

Hearing another woman’s breastfeeding story can be the inspiring difference between persevering and quitting, between painful guilt to experiencing the ultimate bliss of nourishing your baby.

It becomes obvious in Supported in Breastfeeding: Stories of Nourishing Wisdom, that what’s best for us mothers and our babies are different for everyone. It shares situations which will change the way you see another mother. Not only does this book address breastfeeding, it addresses mother shaming, and guilt in motherhood, and what it means to normalize and support breastfeeding and support the women raising our next generation.

In it, I’ve also created the Essential Breastfeeding Guide, 10 fool-proof essentials a mama needs for breastfeeding, including exactly what to do to prepare before birth, and what to do in ensure breastfeeding success.

Empowering women in birth and postpartum, including breastfeeding is a strong passion on mine. I am certain it’s my life calling. And I wanted this book to touch the lives of an immense amount of women. So there needed to be more. And more there is.

That’s when Supported in Breastfeeding: Stories of Nourishing Wisdom and Owen’s Milk Money became connected. OMM is an organization that supports nursing mothers with breastfeeding education + supplies to families in need, including breast pumps, nursing bras, and so much more. All in the name of sweet Owen, a 14-month old baby boy who passed away suddenly and quickly. In his spirit and memory, we honor his favorite pastime: breastfeeding. A portion of each book purchased goes to support Owen’s Milk Money.

Meaning when you buy this book to learn about what breastfeeding is really about, or buy it to help a mama learn about the truth in breastfeeding, you help another mama and her precious child receive the education and supplies they need to keep going. What an amazing gift!

breastfeeding-hardcover-front-transparentI am thrilled to finally share this book in its wholeness. Supported in Breastfeeding: Stories of Nourishing Wisdom can now be purchased HERE with the official book launch and shipping being December 1st. When you order now however, you’ll receive:

  • a signed copy of the book
  • a free e-book version
  • the Essential Breastfeeding Guide PDF download
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Whether you are about to breastfeed your first baby or your sixth. Whether you are a dear friend looking to give someone a head start in parenting. Or even a lactation consultant or breastfeeding provider looking to help your clients. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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Just a few reviews:

Maranda has created an amazing resource that belongs on every shelf next to Ina May’s Guide to Breastfeeding and The Nursing Mother’s Companion. From evidence-based educational information to emotional tales of joy and struggles, “Supported in Breastfeeding: Stories of Nourishing Wisdom” covers every facet of the highs and lows of breastfeeding. I was in tears before I had finished the introduction and closed the book with a profound respect and deeper understanding of both breastfeeding and the needs of breastfeeding women. I will be recommending “Supported in Breastfeeding: Stories of Nourishing Wisdom” to my clients, students, co-workers, family, and friends. This book is a must read for every person who breastfeeds, plans on breastfeeding or loves someone who breastfeeds. -Kaleigh P.

Oh my heart! I’m 35 weeks pregnant and plan to breastfeed. I feel so empowered by this book and the stories that all these women share. I feel like their experience is now mine and that I can walk into this with an upper-hand. I’m so excited for my breastfeeding journey! -Merideth J.

The world NEEDS this! I expected a book on breastfeeding and I walked away having read so much more. This book even talks about mother shaming and what it means to really support a woman in breastfeeding. Really, it’s perfect. Buy this book! -Katy B.

I thought this book was going to be like every other breastfeeding book out there. *insert foot in mouth* Such a different perspective! It wasn’t all fuzzy and warm and it talked about what breastfeeding is REALLY about. No fluff. Yet it still led me feeling strong and fully capable of anything challenging that comes my way. I love this book and I’m recommending it to all mamas who plan to breastfeed. -Vira L.